Thrive Update: Week 7

Charlotte (middle) with two other ladies during our summer camping trip

Charlotte (middle) with two other ladies during our summer camping trip

Hello!  I am Charlotte Toney, a Thrive facilitator and new Young Families team member as of June 2017.

I describe Thrive like a plant. All types of plants have different needs, sometimes they can be over watered, dried out or over exposed to the sun. We have to learn how to care for the variety of plants and their specific needs so they can thrive and stand strong. Thrive is like this to me, a place to discover, a place to find out what we need to grow strong, what are our weaknesses, where we are rooted, and what we are standing for. With a community of students and staff, it is place to discover our value, a place of hope and a place designed to encourage women holistically. 

Each week, we spend time reflecting and noticing the areas we have been encouraged in or thankful for, or what I like to call, "Stop To Spot It".  It is a time to stop where we are in the moment to spot the goodness. I take great joy in hearing what these woman have to say. Today, a woman bravely acknowledged another participant by name. There is power in being encouraged or encouraging others and I think the act of naming the person we are thankful for greatly lifts up that person and grows us in our vulnerability. I love witnessing this community of participants speak light and life into each other.

I look forward to continuing in this journey alongside these strong women who are stepping into new language for their lives everyday.

Thank you for all your support!

- Charlotte