Thrive Update: Week 4


Hello, my name is A and I have one 5 month old daughter named I.  I started Thrive about a month ago with 5 other beautiful girls and their children.

Thrive to me is a group of women that come together to help one another learn about themselves and work through our own versions of hell with each other.  We all came into this not fully knowing what to expect, however, for me, it's become something I look forward to and somewhere I feel safe to express myself and learn.

This week during Thrive, I learned that it's hard to open up about my feelings.  However, everyone is welcoming, has shown that they care about my wellbeing and I know it will help me work through what I am carrying.  Moreover, I've seen how opening up and being vulnerable has helped the other women in Thrive become more determined to live into their passions and values.  So, even though I haven't shared a lot, the people I've surrounded myself with in Thrive make me feel like I want to.  

I look forward to everyday of Thrive!  I'm constantly learning and I get to see my new mommy friends.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging us in this journey!