Thrive Update: Week 2

Carter (Megan's son)

Carter (Megan's son)

Hi!  My name is Megan and I am 23.  I have a son named Carter who is 3 years old and I am a participant in the 8th cycle of Thrive.  

To me, Thrive is not only learning how to live your life but it is learning to conquer it.  Finishing week 2 of Thrive, we have learned so much, but most importantly is that we are not alone!  

Last Thursday, while we were in class with Barb (facilitates a mentoring group), we were given the option to open up about our life/past.  Although we are all just getting to know each other, it was like it didn't matter at that point because everyone was more than willing to share.  We were all just supporting each other through it.

I'm realizing through this experience that I want nothing other than to be on the other side of the table one day and help others just as the facilitators and counsellors are helping me.  

So far, my highlight during Thrive is that all of us are opening up to each other and seizing this opportunity that we have been granted.

I am looking forward to the following weeks here at Thrive that we have together.  Thank you to everyone who is supporting us through this adventure!

- Megan