This Father’s Day, Celebrate Young Dads Like Kris

Meet Kris, a young dad of a 5 year-old boy, navigating fatherhood for the first time.
Thanks to the support of Young Families and the mentorship he’s received through the Stepping Up Program, Kris is giving his son the life he desires and deserves. 
Recently when Kris was asked how he was being a good father and role model to his son, he responded “I've never been asked anything like that before - social workers want to figure out what I'm doing wrong and make me into a good dad, as if I'm not one yet. Then it hit me. You are right - I am a good dad!”
Young fathers like Kris are under almost constant pressure to measure up, and many young dads feel that they're not good enough. Young Families is there to encourage young fathers to not just provide financially for their kids but to be present in their lives. Kris is one of these young fathers committed to raising his 5 year old son on his own. 
Stepping Up encourages young dads to step up to their responsibilities as parents and help them recognize the vital role they play in their children’s lives. Through individual support and group activities, Stepping Up walks alongside young men like Kris as they strive to become involved fathers and positive role-models to their children. As we work together, these young dads believe they can not only be good fathers, but better ones.
Celebrate this Father’s Day by donating to support more young dads like Kris. 

Your gift will empower young fathers like Kris to improve the quality of life for themselves and their children. You can help young dads become the role models their kids need to build strong, healthy futures for their families.