Volunteers are vital to the work at Young Families as we support young families spiritually, emotionally and practically. Here are some of the opportunities to get involved:

Young Moms

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  • Drivers - Our young moms need help getting to and from our programs.
  • Mentors – Are you willing to share your story with young moms or listen to theirs?
  • Bakers and cooks – Serve and teach young moms and their children through your love of baking and cooking.
  • Childcare – Young moms need a break to focus on their own development; can you spare a few hours for our weekly childcare programs?
  • Organizational and technical support – Provide practical assistance to the Young Families centre in Surrey.


“I volunteer with them and know a lot of the young parents at Young Families - it makes it meaningful. I feel connected with how donations are being put to work and people’s lives are being changed.” - Young Families volunteer

Young Dads

We are looking for men to partner with us, to help change a generation. Volunteering with Stepping Up is unbelievably rewarding and will impact your life as much as you'll impact others. A short list of opportunities is below, but we'd be happy to talk to you if there's a specific area you have a heart for. 

We need volunteers for:

  • Thursday Hockey Nights
  • Saturday AM Dads Breakfasts
  • 1 on 1 mentoring programs
  • Trades or Specific Skills (i.e. accounting, teaching, art) willing to come teach about what they do and why they do it.
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“What I really appreciate about young families is that it’s changed me. It’s made me much more compassionate. I’ve gotten to know women that I never would have the chance and it’s helped me see life from a different perspective.” - Young Families volunteer