Families Restored - Lives Transformed

Young Families is a dedicated group with a vision to radically change lives and restore families. We provide a safe, caring and supportive environment for parenting youth, aged 12 to 24.
Our Young Moms and Young Dads programs meet parents where they are and walk alongside them in the midst of their struggles. Young Families goes beyond the crisis and commits long term to these young parents on their journeys to becoming the best dad, mom, spouse, friend and community member they can be.
Our goal is to break generational cycles of poverty, fatherlessness and abandoned young moms and see healthy relationships nurtured and developed. We serve over 100 young moms, dads and children every year through a range of programs and services. Young Families provides a place and community where young parents can feel connected, welcomed, valued and supported.
We are privileged to have a pivotal role and positive voice in the lives of these young families as they heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Partner with Young Families to equip, mentor and restore families in our community.
Young Families is under the umbrella of Youth Unlimited. Youth Unlimited has been serving the Lower Mainland for over 60 years and is dedicated to transforming a generation inside out. To find out more about Youth Unlimited, click here.