Thrive Update: Week 4


Hello, my name is A and I have one 5 month old daughter named I.  I started Thrive about a month ago with 5 other beautiful girls and their children.

Thrive to me is a group of women that come together to help one another learn about themselves and work through our own versions of hell with each other.  We all came into this not fully knowing what to expect, however, for me, it's become something I look forward to and somewhere I feel safe to express myself and learn.

This week during Thrive, I learned that it's hard to open up about my feelings.  However, everyone is welcoming, has shown that they care about my wellbeing and I know it will help me work through what I am carrying.  Moreover, I've seen how opening up and being vulnerable has helped the other women in Thrive become more determined to live into their passions and values.  So, even though I haven't shared a lot, the people I've surrounded myself with in Thrive make me feel like I want to.  

I look forward to everyday of Thrive!  I'm constantly learning and I get to see my new mommy friends.  Thank you for supporting and encouraging us in this journey!


Thrive Update: Week 3


Hi, my name is MJ and I have a 2 and a half year old named Carmella.  We are participants of Thrive.

Thrive is an amazing program for young mothers and their children to learn, grow and THRIVE!  It is a community of women lifting each other towards a happy future and a wonderful group of childcare workers teaching and encouraging young children to grow with a smile on their face.

Something I learned this week was that it is not wrong to feel like you're going crazy when your baby is crying and won't stop.  It is okay to hold and cuddle them to sleep if that is what they need.  Babies are people and like anyone else, their needs vary depending on the child.

My favourite thing we did this week was mommy and me workouts!  It is so fun to see the little ones busting a move and enjoying healthy exercise.  Thank you to everyone that makes this program possible!

- MJ

Thrive Update: Week 2

Carter (Megan's son)

Carter (Megan's son)

Hi!  My name is Megan and I am 23.  I have a son named Carter who is 3 years old and I am a participant in the 8th cycle of Thrive.  

To me, Thrive is not only learning how to live your life but it is learning to conquer it.  Finishing week 2 of Thrive, we have learned so much, but most importantly is that we are not alone!  

Last Thursday, while we were in class with Barb (facilitates a mentoring group), we were given the option to open up about our life/past.  Although we are all just getting to know each other, it was like it didn't matter at that point because everyone was more than willing to share.  We were all just supporting each other through it.

I'm realizing through this experience that I want nothing other than to be on the other side of the table one day and help others just as the facilitators and counsellors are helping me.  

So far, my highlight during Thrive is that all of us are opening up to each other and seizing this opportunity that we have been granted.

I am looking forward to the following weeks here at Thrive that we have together.  Thank you to everyone who is supporting us through this adventure!

- Megan

Thrive Update: Week 1

Young Families_Thrive Week 1.jpg

Hello! My name is Krista Wilson. I am married to the love of my life, Eric, and we have three beautiful children, Annika (6), Ezekiel (3) and Makayla (1). I am the Counsellor for this years' Thrive cycle.

I love young moms and their children and these young women inspire me with their determination, strength and courage. It is a privilege and an honour to be part of these families' lives.

For me, Thrive is an intensive program that is designed to encourage young moms to develop emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. During this first week of workshops, the impact of one particular exercise I led stood out to me. The above image is a sample of a First Nations medicine wheel.  

The young women in Thrive began this creative exercise during the first week and their engagement in this exercise was a beautiful process. This medicine wheel is a wholistic way to begin to identify and assess our well-being.

The moms engaged so well in assessing what they need in their life to achieve health and balance.  It was one way that our first week of Thrive was a beautiful beginning.  Everyone is connecting and supporting each other so well and it's only week one!  We are loving it!

Thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to updating you weekly.

- Krista