October Update - Young moms celebrate Thanksgiving together

Last week, one of the Young Families volunteers stepped up to prepare and serve a Thanksgiving feast to Thrive families. The moms and kids felt a huge sense of gratitude and love shown to them through this simple act and meal that we often take for granted. Opening homes and hearts at Thanksgiving was the perfect way to celebrate the season.

Every week at Thrive, the moms are asked to articulate what they have learned or what they appreciate about being in the program. Some moms say practical skills while others relay their gratitude for a place to develop their self-esteem, build friendships and rely on a community. This is possible because of the donations and support we receive from you!

I'm so thankful for you and your support. Programs like Thrive and simple, but powerful, Thanksgiving meals are simply not possible without you.


Kellie Brown
Young Families Director