November Update - Success Continues at Thrive

Young Families caught up with one of the Thrive moms, Julie.

YF: How did you hear about Young Families?

J: My friend brought me to Drop-In when I was pregnant and even though I was nervous to go, I felt totally welcomed. Once I felt comfortable, I started coming to Young Families on my own.

YF: How was the first day of Thrive for you?

J: I didn’t know what to expect and felt unsure. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get out of the program.

YF: Tell us about being in Thrive the past couple of months.

J: Where do I even start? I have learned so much! Budgeting has been really informative for me because being on income assistance is hard and I want to get out of debt. The nutrition speaker was also valuable and I learned about my body type and how to eat better. I plan on making new eating habits a part of my life.

YF: What has surprised you about Thrive?

J: Working through the account and respond process. It’s amazing that people care about me and want to hold me accountable with what I say. The help me follow through with what I need to do. Thrive gives me time to focus on myself and learn to strengthen the relationships around me.

YF: Have you set any goals in Thrive?

J: Yes! I want to get rid of my debt and go back to school. I’d love to take some courses on baking and business management. Owning my own bakery is a dream of mine! I am very thankful for my time in Thrive!