November Update - Success Continues at Thrive

Young Families caught up with one of the Thrive moms, Julie.

YF: How did you hear about Young Families?

J: My friend brought me to Drop-In when I was pregnant and even though I was nervous to go, I felt totally welcomed. Once I felt comfortable, I started coming to Young Families on my own.

YF: How was the first day of Thrive for you?

J: I didn’t know what to expect and felt unsure. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get out of the program.

YF: Tell us about being in Thrive the past couple of months.

J: Where do I even start? I have learned so much! Budgeting has been really informative for me because being on income assistance is hard and I want to get out of debt. The nutrition speaker was also valuable and I learned about my body type and how to eat better. I plan on making new eating habits a part of my life.

YF: What has surprised you about Thrive?

J: Working through the account and respond process. It’s amazing that people care about me and want to hold me accountable with what I say. The help me follow through with what I need to do. Thrive gives me time to focus on myself and learn to strengthen the relationships around me.

YF: Have you set any goals in Thrive?

J: Yes! I want to get rid of my debt and go back to school. I’d love to take some courses on baking and business management. Owning my own bakery is a dream of mine! I am very thankful for my time in Thrive!

October Update - Young moms celebrate Thanksgiving together

Last week, one of the Young Families volunteers stepped up to prepare and serve a Thanksgiving feast to Thrive families. The moms and kids felt a huge sense of gratitude and love shown to them through this simple act and meal that we often take for granted. Opening homes and hearts at Thanksgiving was the perfect way to celebrate the season.

Every week at Thrive, the moms are asked to articulate what they have learned or what they appreciate about being in the program. Some moms say practical skills while others relay their gratitude for a place to develop their self-esteem, build friendships and rely on a community. This is possible because of the donations and support we receive from you!

I'm so thankful for you and your support. Programs like Thrive and simple, but powerful, Thanksgiving meals are simply not possible without you.


Kellie Brown
Young Families Director

September Update - Thrive begins for the 7th time.

The 7th cycle of Thrive begins this week! Thrive is the cornerstone program of Young Families and this quote from a recent graduate is a reminder of the real impact the program has in the lives of our young moms and their families.

The next group of committed moms entering Thrive arrive with their own complicated and personal story to work through. Through Thrive, they will learn to advocate for themselves and their children, beginning with a 10-week intensive program followed by 2 years of dedicated support.

A major key to the success of Thrive is the free childcare provided while the moms are in session Monday to Thursday. We would not be able to offer this essential childcare without the support of donors like you and it's just one example of how your support - through prayer, donations, and time - are helping create new futures for families.

I encourage you to learn more about Thrive, and all our programs, and see how you can get involved in this life changing work this Fall.


Kellie Brown
Young Families Director